Blue Hills & Hemlock Creek Segments
Project Headquarters

June 19-28, 2014
Rusk County

What You Need to Know

About the Project:

Join us to explore the hidden gem that is the Blue Hills of Rusk County. This project has a bit of everything – multiple bridges and boardwalks, new trail, signage upgrades, chainsaw work, mowing. Pretty much everything in the trail building manual will be going on. Base camp will be at Audie Lake Campground, a short distance from Gundy’s Canyon, the Blue Hills Felsenmeer and other must-visit wonders.

The IATA provides food, tools, and campsites free to all who volunteer. No previous experience is necessary, and there will be roles for all ages and abilities.

There is no obligation to come for the entire event, but many do because of the fun atmosphere and the camaraderie that develops throughout the project.

What to Bring:

Insect repellant, leather work gloves, sturdy hiking or work boots (no sneakers), daypack, water bottles, sunscreen, long-sleeve shirt and pants, hat, rain gear and personal items. If camping, bring your own tent and sleeping bag.

Special Notes:

We love dogs, but we ask that you not bring them to this event. Woolly mammoths are welcome.